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Friends of the Amador County Library (FACL)



FACL dues for 2019 will change. FACL is also changing its memberhship year. Here's how you can get the maximum value from your membership:

  • If you are a member now, your membership will last until 4/1/2019
  • If you renew your FACL membership at or before the 2018 Fall Book Sales (October 19-31) (i.e., pay another year's dues), or your join FACL for the first time, your membership will last until 4/1/2020 - and your dues will stay at the current level. THIS IS THE BEST DEAL, SO PLEASE RENEW NOW OR AT THE BOOK SALE!
  • If you join or renew on or after 10/22/2018, your dues will be as follows:
    • Individual ($15)
    • Family ($20)
    • Business/Organization ($50)
    • Sustaining ($30)
    • Life ($200)


Our members' dues pay 2/3 to 3/4 of our annual operating expenses. It's no suprise that the cost of these expenses (web, phone, printing, advertising, and more) is rising. Our dues have stayed the same for several years and the board felt that it was time to bring them into line with our costs. Our dues are still among the lowest for area nonprofits. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or by phone 209-217-1911.

Ready to join or renew? Use the form below.

Membership in the Friends is another way to provide financial support to the library. Members also get involved by organizing fund-raising events and volunteering at the library.

Members participate in special "Members Only" evenings at the book sales. They also receive the quarterly newsletter, "News & Notes," and receive ongoing library updates.

Membership yearly dues vary depending on the membership level you choose:

  • Individual ($10)
  • Family ($15)
  • Business/Organization ($50)
  • Sustaining ($25)
  • Life ($200)

You may pay your dues online by using the form below and choosing your membership level on the page that follows. If you prefer to pay by check, please use this PDF form, fill it out and put it in an envelope with your check and send it to:
Friends of the Amador County Library
P.O. Box 701
Jackson, CA 95642

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